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World Disability Day at PAPCP

On December 3rd, the world celebrated World Disability Day, a day demarcated by the United Nations to recognize the disabled. This year, Quadwave was roped in to help the young adults at PAPCP to put up a cultural program on this day. It was a three hour show that we had to anchor and it was truly an amazing experience.

The young people at PAPCP had been practicing for this big event for quite a few days. They had dance performances, singing, tabla and other such activities that could prove to the world at large that their disabilities were not hampering them from living a full life.

The chief guest for this function was Dr. Ali Khwaja who spoke to the audience about disabilities and dealing with them. His words indeed were an eye-opener because he made us realize that even though we fell into the so-called ‘normal’ category of people, we were all going to end up being disabled, one day or the other. We were nothing but ‘temporarily abled’ bodies. It made us realize that we shouldn’t feel entitled about how ‘normal’ we are and neither should we feel pity for those who were disabled. Sympathy, of course, is a different thing altogether.


After Dr. Khwaja’s address, the program began in earnest. It was a vibrant afternoon, filled with enthusiastic performances and the recognition of these special young adults by their peers and their teachers, indeed made them feel more special.


For Pooja and I, who anchored the show, it was a rather humbling experience to be on the stage with all these youngsters who refused to let their disabilities rule their lives. Since PAPCP is run with the support of the parents of the disabled children, all of them were there, cheering their kids and wiping away tears of joy as they saw them perform on the stage.

World Disability Day is not just a day to remember and acknowledge the disabled. It is also a day to understand and empathise. For us at Quadwave, it was a day to remember how blessed we all are, and to continue making our efforts in whatever way possible, to help.

Coverage of the event in Deccan Herald's Metro Plus

Coverage of the event in Deccan Herald’s Metro Plus


Andaleeb Wajid

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