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Watching People Eat

So here’s the thing,

I don’t know if it’s weird or if it’s just me or there are more people like me out there, but I like watching people eat. Not all that chewing , slurp or burp, but the whole experience, the content, and that expression when that flavor sinks in. Amusing. You could ask my friends and they would tell you about catching me staring, grinning like a fool, watching them dig into their dessert or stuff their face with all that meat on Mosque road.

So when we were at WARDS recently (see, here I am taking it for granted that all you people know what WARDS is ), the children there were having their lunch. Chatting happily with their mouth full of sambar rice, giving each other “THE LOOK” when they managed to get a nice chunk of potato, licking their fingers repeatedly with no thought of calories or grocery bills not caring one bit about the half dozen people staring at them doing it.



There is just some thing about seeing someone enjoy their meal and that can be surprisingly satisfying. I think we are doing something really great here, something beyond donating money by sponsoring the mid day meals at WARDS. Seriously, you people should probably walk down to WARDS sometime and see what’s happening there.

Qcares has been doing this religiously for two years now and we have to keep it going. A huge part of the amount collected for QCares goes for these mid day meals. This is the time of the year when we get a chance to do our bit. Come, let’s make sure that the smiles on the faces of these children do not fade.




-Pooja Premnath


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