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The not so fat man in red

On a nice breezy morning on the 23rd, we were off to celebrate Christmas at WARDS. Mind you, it wasn’t even THE 25th. Just another December day and I will tell you what made it so special and Christmassy .

So for us here at Quadwave, the ritual of selecting , buying and wrapping gifts starts off much before the D day. Some of us were on scooters and some on foot, as we marched down the road like a huge procession to WARDS . (Of course a senior architect had to come yelling floor by floor to coax the dudes to get off their chairs and come join us!)

The star, the shiny, round, red cherry (literally) on the cake for us was the SANTA ! This was a sporty, young, not so fat guy here at Quadwave who was more than happy to become Santa and entertain the kids. He had to be stuffed from all directions with decorative pillows we picked up from all the cars sparked in our basement!


A jolly good fellow our Santa was with his loud Ho-Ho-Ho, belly rubbing ,laughing and a funny shuffle as he walked . He went around shaking the hands of the star struck kids giving away gifts in shiny packaging . The special dear children at WARDS were super thrilled and crowded around Santa and made him feel like nothing less than a hero .


The children were roaring and applauding as they were excited to see all the new faces. We had taken along cupcakes and some snacks for them to munch on.


All of us standing around could see how grateful the parents of these children looked as they saw a smile on their child’s face. From a distance they would smile as their son or daughter received gifts from Santa. Till he left, Santa was from all sides surrounded by little hands and tiny feet with curious eyes looking up to him and wanting his attention .


The children sang for us, put up a skit , danced and thanked us with all their heart . The very sight was heart warming.


It will be apt to say that those darling children there at WARDS made our day. For the kids there, it was the perfect little party. For us, it was a nice genuine experience watching the real smile on the faces of these kids.

For the parents quietly standing in a corner watching their kids smile, this was CHRISTMAS.

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