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Christmas Again!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a super special time of the year, especially for children. The very air is festive and the echo of carols, lingers in the air. There are yummy goodies to be had and there’s always the promise of that man in red who brings gifts for one and all!┬áThis year too, QCares strove to bring smiles to many faces. We went to PAPCP (Parents Association of Cerebral Palsy and Associated Disorders), and celebrated Christmas with them, along with a jolly, roly poly Santa from our office. It was a sunny day and there were people dressed up in red or white and everyone had their Santa caps on. The young people at PAPCP were thrilled to see Santa and to receive the presents from him.

Papcp Christmas1

Young Adults of PAPCP with Santa

Papcp Christmas2

Our very own Santa comes bearing gifts!

When Santa had finished distributing the gifts, we got down to playing a game of musical chairs. Everyone was excited and involved and we played two versions, one for those kids who could run by themselves around the chairs, and one for those who had to be wheeled by their family members.

Papcp Christmas3

Everyone loves musical chairs!


The excitement in the air was palpable. To the sound of some foot tapping Bollywood music, we played the games with them. It was heartening to see how involved everyone was and how happy to be a part of the event. It makes it all so worthwhile when you see their genuine smiles.

Family members of the PAPCP children too were around in full force, supporting them and cheering them along. We, at QCares, are indeed honored and blessed to have been a part of these celebrations.

Our QCares team is growing slowly and steadily and we hope to see more activity from members in the future.

Some of our QCares members

Some of our QCares members


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