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Celebrating 25 years with WARDS

On 4th December, 2015, WARDS celebrated its 25th anniversary at a bright and well attended function. It gave us great pleasure to be a part of this momentous occasion which was indeed a miracle in itself. But then, the word ‘miracle’ might underplay the efforts made by Mr. Rayan to create this institution. Mr. Rayan may have lost his eye sight at the age of ten, but that never stopped him from being a visionary. His focused efforts on creating a system where disabled children from economically weaker sections of society could find a place to learn and eventually earn, led to the creation of WARDS.

Mr. Rayan felicitated all those who have helped him over the past twenty five years with a shawl and memento. The children presented various singing and dancing programs and it was a pleasure to see how happy they were to be on stage.  Earlier in the day, children from WARDS and other government schools had enjoyed a magic show which was sponsored by QCares. It gave us a sense of satisfaction to see these children have a few hours of uninterrupted joy.

Mr. Rayan’s journey with WARDS was recounted through the help of an audio-visual presentation that we had created at QCares. It helped everyone understand so much more about WARDS, its origins, struggles and all the other things that we don’t really know much about.

QCares is an essential part of Quadwave, and our aim is to go beyond such stories, to create an eco-system where helping those who are not as privileged as we are becomes second nature. Our new QCares team is raring to go, infused with fresh blood and eager participants. Here’s the video QCares made for WARDS.

Some pics!










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