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An Undeserving Eviction

PAPCP, one of the institutions in Jeevanbima Nagar that QCares regularly supports, has been a boon for many parents with differently-abled children. Run by parents of children who are suffering from cerebral palsy, PAPCP, has supported and celebrated these young adults who have developed a sense of belonging and pride in their achievements.

During the World Disability Day, it was an eye opener for many of us from QCares who had taken part in their celebrations to see the different performances put up by them, and more importantly, their spirit.

We, at QCares, found out that on March 14th, the PAPCP premises had been locked up and sealed by a Bal Bhavan official, despite having a valid letter from Bal Bhavan and the government. It’s a shocking situation, considering that PAPCP was not even given a chance to say anything, to prove that they are not illegally occupying the space given to them by the government. What’s more, the PAPCP building was sealed at night, when no one was around.

The youngsters at PAPCP who have become accustomed to spending quality time there, learning skills and even ways to become independent, are now without a place to call their own. All their equipment, even the wheelchairs have been locked up inside. This is not just a matter of legalities. It’s more to do with humanity.

On 31st March, PAPCP and some members from QCares, conducted a silent protest outside the premises. News9 channel covered it and Indian Express has also written about it in their newspaper, dated, April 1st.


The latest update on this has been that the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission has become involved and sent a letter to the director of Bal Bhavan, asking for a report, also asking Bal Bhavan to let the differently abled children use the premises.

This just goes to show that spreading the word helps and we hope that this unfortunate situation is resolved as early as possible.

Click here to see some of the photos of the protest that took place on 31st March.

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