Christmas Again!

Everyone knows that Christmas is a super special time of the year, especially for children. The very air is festive and the echo of carols, […]

Celebrating 25 years with WARDS

On 4th December, 2015, WARDS celebrated its 25th anniversary at a bright and well attended function. It gave us great pleasure to be a part […]

Our very own QSanthe

Every year, at Quadwave we have a QSanthe, and as the name suggests, it is indeed a colourful and vibrant marketplace of sorts organised by […]

An Undeserving Eviction

PAPCP, one of the institutions in Jeevanbima Nagar that QCares regularly supports, has been a boon for many parents with differently-abled children. Run by parents […]

The not so fat man in red

On a nice breezy morning on the 23rd, we were off to celebrate Christmas at WARDS. Mind you, it wasn’t even THE 25th. Just another December […]

World Disability Day at PAPCP

On December 3rd, the world celebrated World Disability Day, a day demarcated by the United Nations to recognize the disabled. This year, Quadwave was roped […]


One of the most happening events that takes place in Quadwave every year has to be QSanthe. As the name suggests, Quadwave turns into a market of sorts where employees can buy a number of cute and useful things and these are typically sourced from WARDS, PAPCP, Spastics Society and APD. The profits that we make goes towards the support of QCares. With a rural/village theme this year, we set off to create a buzz for QSanthe a week before the event. We started sending out  rural themed posters. We followed up with email, intranet, social sites and made sure that everyone got to  know about QSanthe. We also told employees to come dressed in ethnic attire. On the day of the event, we had to turn Quadwave into a village. We made a scare crow and placed it at the venue, decorated it with lights and did pretty rangoli designs. When we were done, it looked like we were really at a village market. At QSanthe this year, we had five stalls with products from WARDS, PAPCP, Spastic Society, and APD. Some of the products that we sold were pretty candles, diyas and table covers from WARDS, gift bags, envelopes and photo frames from PAPCP, pen stands, card holders and gorgeous jute bags from Spastics Society and some lush potted plants from APD.                                         […]

A Blood Donation Camp’aign’ with a Difference

Blood donation is a personal choice. So when we were informed that there was to be a Blood Donation Camp at Quadwave on 1st September, as part of QCares, we realized, we couldn’t just go up to people and ask them to give blood. One of the reasons was that not everyone is eligible to donate blood. Most people are deficient in iron and such people cannot donate. […]

Watching People Eat

So here’s the thing, I don’t know if it’s weird or if it’s just me or there are more people like me out there, but I […]

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